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Food Clicker- the best food tracking app for Android! (English version)

Since I guess it’s your first time on my page, let me shortly introduce myself. I am a polish blogger, medicine doctor and nutrition therapist and I believe in all those good things like: nature, prophylaxis and inner strength. And I decided to find the best food tracking app for Android.

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Today I have the pleasure to introduce you to the nutrition application called Food ClickerI immediately point out that this is NOT another (not helping at all, if you’re REALLY eager to change your life habits) calorie counter.

In the Food Clicker, the emphasis is placed on the quality of the meals taken and their appropriate combination.

This application combines the possibilities of modern technologies with the traditional methods of work on lifestyle change.

This tool is simple, convenient to use, nice and practical.

Nutrition log/ Food diary/ Food tracker – what is it?

This is a record of food and drink that we eat during the day. We should write down for a few days (optimally 7-10) every meal or a snack. Then we note the exact time of consumption of the product, it’s weight and sometimes also the level of satiety or possible adverse reactions occurring after ingestion.

Why use nutritional logs?

This is often a key tool in changing eating habits. In order to improve the way of eating in the future, we must first thoroughly learn about the present. You need to identify the main dietary problems.

The most common nutritional errors
  • inappropriate food products
  • too rare or frequent eating
  • too small / large number of meals
  • too low amount of liquids / vegetables / unsaturated fats
  • too much fruit / saturated fats / sweets / snacks and fast food
  • inappropriate proportions of nutritional products used.

This disturbance of the nutritional balance can lead not only to obesity, but also to numerous diseases including diabetes, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, avitaminosis, malnutrition and depressed mood and fatigue.

the best food diary

Why are classic diet logs not working?

Working with patients as a physician and diet therapist, I discovered that classic food diaries in most cases just completely don’t make sense!

Patients lacked motivation / time / equipment = card, pen, watch and weight to describe their eating habits so accurately. Often, they forgot to take a diary to work or friends and they completed it once a few days or even  in the waiting room, just before the check-up.

More importantly, they did not learn anything when filling in the classic food diary.

The same nutritional errors were repeated many times. During the visit after 2 or 3 weeks, it was difficult to come back to why they chose to eat one or another product in a given situation.

So maybe this calorie counter will be better?

No way! Calories only talk about energy delivery. Quantity, not quality. But are 10 donuts equivalent to 5 full-blown meals packed with vitamins, macro and micronutrients, healthy fats and carbohydrates? Exactly.

Calculating calories as a basic method for assessing the effectiveness of lifestyle changes only causes confusion in patients’ minds. They focus on numbers, not on working on eating habits as a whole.

So, how do I think the best food tracking app should look like?

It should be simple, free, mobile and educational. That is, it should support proper eating habits and teach the patient, on a regular basis, how he can modify his behaviour.

What would I like to recommend to you?

Food Clicker is an application for Android phones and tablets. It’s fast and easy to use. It allows you to jot down, what you eat and drink, with ONE CLICK. In addition, it teaches you of the principles of proper nutrition.

How it works?

The right combination of products promotes health, increases energy and improves the condition of the body and mind. These conclusions led to the creation of the Food Pyramid in the 1970s.

There are products that (such as vegetables) we should consume more often, due to the content of vitamins, antioxidants, micro- and macroelements. There are also such as, for example, fast food, which, due to the high content of fats and artificial additives, we should beware.

Everything in the Pyramid has it’s place and deep meaning.

Without the tedious counting of calories and vitamin content, the Nutrition Pyramid allows you to rationally compose meals for the most people.

Is the Food Pyramid still valid?

The food pyramid is constantly being modified. It is adapted to the current lifestyle and quality of available food.

The Nutrition Pyramid is a general signpost and, of course, in the case of special situations, requires some modifications. Especially food intolerances or allergies, intense workouts or the period of early childhood force some changes. However, the general principles of nutrition remain the sam,e regardless of your health condition.

How to use the application?

The great advantage of Food Clicker over classic diet diaries is its mobility. The application can be installed on any Android device. Food Clicker can always be with you.

The assumption is that the application is as simple as possible to use. Hence the possibility of adding products with one click.

How does it look in practice?

1. The products are divided into 8 main categories:

– fluids (water, tea, coffee)
– meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)
– vegetables
– fruits
– cereals (bread, cereals, pasta, rice)
– dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, cream)
– fish, meat and eggs
– nuts and vegetable oils

best food tracking app
2. There are 2 equivalent views available: table with a simple counter and pyramid
best food tracking app
3. A hint about missing products in the menu on a given day (a great option when you’re wondering what for dinner!)
best food tracking app
4. Warning of excessive consumption
best food tracking app
5. The ability to create profiles for the whole family
best food tracking app
6. The ability to check the time of adding a specific product

best food tracking app

7. The application also includes an extensive information panel for each product group.


I must admit that I am completely unbiased in the assessment of this application.

The idea of ​​its creation was born from the observation of biggest problems, that stand in the way of success for patients, who want to change their lifestyle but keep on doing the same mistakes.

I hate to look at how time, energy and motivation of people are wasted by trivialities.

Many miraculous changes would have a chance to see the light of day, stocks have not been nipped in the bud, due to the lack of appropriate tools.

I had the pleasure to participate in the process of creating the Food Clicker and in a way it is the fulfillment of my professional dreams. I hope you will like it too.

You will never convince until you try! I recommend installing from the Google store and Food Click it out for yourself.

We are waiting for opinions and suggestions!

* An extensive promotional video with a short guide on how to use the application is also available for those willing. Mermaid for free :)

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